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Bradley Doucet
Bradley Doucet

Editor and Translator

Bradley Doucet holds a bachelor’s degree from McGill University, with a major in philosophy and a minor in economics. He has written articles for numerous publications on a variety of topics. Prior to joining the MEI team in April 2014, he worked as a freelance translator and editor, and before that, he spent many years as a tutor of high school math and science.

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Viewpoint detailing what the Bixi bike-sharing system will have cost Montreal taxpayers over its first decade

The Bixi bike-sharing system will soon start its ninth season. Since its creation in the spring of 2009, Bixi has survived thanks to public funds. What does the bill add up to for Montreal taxpayers? If the goal was to promote the use of bicycles and active transportation, could the funds allocated to this service have been better spent?

12 April 2017April 12, 2017
Montreal Gazette, p. A1

Is Bixi worth $60 million?

12 April 2017April 12, 2017
Calgary Herald, p. A21

Regulating electricity prices.

16 July 2015July 16, 2015
Viewpoint contrasting the economic costs or benefits of select energy choices for the province of Quebec

Quebec is blessed in terms of the energy resources available on its territory. Most obviously, there is the province’s vast hydroelectric capacity, which produces 96% of its electricity. This month, the government made public a series of reports suggesting that it might soon be ready to move forward and allow oil development in the province. In light of this news, it is worth reconsidering some of Quebec’s energy choices to see which kinds of policies might enrich, rather than impoverish, Quebec taxpayers.

23 April 2015April 23, 2015
Economic Note analyzing the positive impact of economic freedom on prosperity and on various social indicators such as health, education, life expectancy and life satisfaction

In the years since the financial crisis of 2008, the free market has taken a beating in the marketplace of ideas. Yet the simple fact remains that the more economic freedom a government leaves in the hands of its people, the better off those people are, not only in terms of basic material well-being, but also in terms of social and individual indicators of human wellbeing. This Economic Note provides a brief overview of economic freedom around the globe.

12 February 2015February 12, 2015


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