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Jasmin Guénette
Jasmin Guénette

Vice President of Operations

Jasmin Guénette is vice president of operations of the Montreal Economic Institute. Formerly, he served as director of academic programs at the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University. He is primarily interested in public policy matters in Quebec and Canada, and in the ideas of personal and economic freedom. He is the author of a book and of many articles published in various newspapers as well as by the MEI. Mr. Guénette also produced and directed filmmakers for the production of short documentaries for the MEI. He was designated as an ambassador of the Université du Québec à Montréal in recognition of his contribution to the development of that school. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Institute for Liberal Studies, a non-partisan educational organization that teaches students about the classical liberal foundations of Canadian society and the application of classical liberal ideas to current issues and challenges.

jguenette ( / 514 273-0969 (ext. 2225)
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Huffington Post Québec, p. web
Review of the year in economics matters.
29 December 2017December 29, 2017, p. web
Quebec announces tax cuts.
4 December 2017December 4, 2017, p. web
Vices are big business for the government.
24 November 2017November 24, 2017, p. web
Obesity and a tax on sugary drinks.
30 October 2017October 30, 2017, p. web
Portrait of Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Peter J. Boettke.
28 October 2017October 28, 2017, p. web
Portrait of Economist Friedrich A. Hayek.
26 October 2017October 26, 2017, p. web
A new generation with old ideas on the federal political scene.
25 October 2017October 25, 2017, p. web
Portrait of economist Ludwig von Mises.
24 October 2017October 24, 2017, p. web
Automation brings beneficial results.
17 October 2017October 17, 2017
Economic Note showing how to reduce emergency room wait times with the help of private providers, in a system that remains open to all
Quebec’s Health Minister recently gave an ultimatum to the province’s hospitals such that emergency room stays could no longer exceed 24 hours. While our health system has failed for years to significantly reduce wait times, the performance of a Swedish hospital (the Saint Göran, a Stockholm hospital funded by the government and run by Capio, a private multinational company) should inspire decision-makers within our health care system.
17 October 2017October 17, 2017, p. web
The transformation of social programs into employment programs for civil servants.
13 September 2017September 13, 2017, p. web
Health care reforms.
1 September 2017September 1, 2017, p. web
Nicotine delivery methods and their risks.
31 August 2017August 31, 2017, p. web
When the State replaces the private sector.
18 August 2017August 18, 2017
The cost of the softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the United States.
14 August 2017August 14, 2017, p. web
Portrait of economist George Stigler (1911-1991).
24 July 2017July 24, 2017, p. web
Portrait of Professor of Economics and Philosophy Peter Boettke.
19 July 2017July 19, 2017

July 17, 2017 | 39 min. 50 sec. | Isabelle (98,5FM)

Interview (in French) with Jasmin Guénette, Vice President of Operations at the MEI, about centralized health care which has failed Quebec patients for too long.

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17 July 2017July 17, 2017
Viewpoint explaining why it is impossible for bureaucrats at the head of a vast and complex organization to control everything in an efficient manner
For thirty years, the Quebec health care system has experienced multiple systemic problems, especially in terms of long emergency room wait times, and long delays for surgeries as well. Not only has the Health Department been unable to plan the long-term development of the system in such a way as to put an end to these problems once and for all; it also seems unable to allocate resources efficiently when the unexpected occurs. What is so different about the health care sector? And what can be done about it?
13 July 2017July 13, 2017
La Presse+, p. web
Quebecers and their health care system.
12 July 2017July 12, 2017, p. web
Portrait of Leonard Edward Read, founder of the Foundation for Economic Education.
6 July 2017July 6, 2017, p. web
The International Public Service Day.
4 July 2017July 4, 2017, p. web

The impact of large governments.

22 June 2017June 22, 2017, p. web

Portrait of economist Deirdre McCloskey.

20 June 2017June 20, 2017, p. web

Sweden, and how it provides better access to care.

17 June 2017June 17, 2017, p. web

The impact of Bill 81 on consumers.

15 June 2017June 15, 2017
Viewpoint describing how Sweden, with private clinics and hospitals seamlessly integrated into a public system, provides better access to care

The Quebec government wants to centralize the health care system even more with Bill 130, giving the Health Minister more power over administrators and over the management and operation of hospitals. The government would be better off following the example of Sweden, which has successfully moved in the opposite direction, in addition to benefiting from the contribution of the private sector.

15 June 2017June 15, 2017, p. Web

Competition and its effects on the cost of goods and services.

13 June 2017June 13, 2017, p. web

The impact of the current system of tuition fees on universities.

12 June 2017June 12, 2017, p. web

Portrait of economist Gordon Tullock.

9 June 2017June 9, 2017


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