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Financial Post, p. F-23
Free-market ideas are part of our Canadian heritage and of our Canadian identity.
6 July 2005July 6, 2005
National Post, p. A-18
Publication of a policy paper entitled A Canada Strong and Free.
14 April 2005April 14, 2005
The Globe and Mail, p. A-19
Publication of a policy paper entitled A Canada Strong and Free.
14 April 2005April 14, 2005
Mike Harris & Preston Manning’s Vision Statement for a New Canada

We believe Canada has not yet reached its zenith – that the best is yet to come. And we believe that this will always be true. Canada is such a land of opportunity that the future can always be bigger, brighter, and better than the past, no matter how great our achievements have been. However, we believe that Canada is being held back by an absence of national vision and ill-advised public policies.

13 April 2005April 13, 2005
Les Affaires, p. 18
The errors of Marxist economic theories.
19 February 2005February 19, 2005
Les Affaires, p. 14
Review of Lettre ouverte aux investisseurs irresponsables, a book by André Gosselin.
8 January 2005January 8, 2005
Les Affaires, p.12
The ideas defended by Robert Nozick.
11 December 2004December 11, 2004
Les Affaires, p. 16
Should we do away with the traditional distinction between the right and the left?
23 October 2004October 23, 2004
Book of columns (in French) published in Les Affaires

This book presents the basic principles of economics in a simple and very clear style. Are there advantages to government intervening in the economy? What effects does this intervention have? Why is freedom important in economic matters? Are there cases when it is necessary to limit or even stifle this freedom? How should wealth be produced? How should it be redistributed? Is competition a good thing or a bad thing? And is it inevitable? Regarding the rich, the poor and taxation, what can be considered fair? Is there reason to be scandalized, as happens in some circles? The book also examines special cases: drug prices, the financial problems of the health care system, expenses imposed on students, and other topics as well.

1 June 2004June 1, 2004
Les Affaires, p. 14
The search for profit is necessary to decide how to allocate resources.
11 October 2003October 11, 2003
Booklet of texts by Frédéric Bastiat

Although he died at the young age of 49, French journalist and politician Frédéric Bastiat wrote dozens of pieces and thoroughly demolished the economic fallacies that were in vogue in his country over 150 years ago. Some of these, like his Petition from the candle makers, are worth more than the hundreds of treatises that have been written on trade policies as an efficient and clear demonstration of the absurdity of protectionism.

1 October 2003October 1, 2003
Les Affaires, p. 12
The benefits of the free market.
30 August 2003August 30, 2003
Les Affaires, p. 10
The economic and moral advantages of freedom.
9 August 2003August 9, 2003
A book (in French) on the economic and other advantages of free trade and integration to global

Based on supporting data, the Swedish author Johan Norberg shows that the opening up of trade and international capital flows is an indicator of progress, especially for the world’s less fortunate. In a systematic way, he refutes the arguments of those who oppose free trade and capitalism. Featured in several prestigious newspapers and magazines such as the Financial Times, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and The Times, the work of Johan Norberg was awarded the Anthony Fisher International Memorial Award in 2002, a prize that rewards the remarkable works published by independent institutes of research in public policy. Now MEI, in collaboration with les Editions Saint-Martin, has made this significant contribution to the debate on globalization available to French-speaking readers.

1 May 2003May 1, 2003
Les Affaires, p. 14
How should we rate the work of civil servants?
1 February 2003February 1, 2003
Les Affaires, p. 10
Why is the state always growing?
18 January 2003January 18, 2003
Les Affaires, p. 8
Why some countries get richer and others not.
4 January 2003January 4, 2003
Les Affaires, p. 12
Government subsidies harms those they are supposed to support.
7 December 2002December 7, 2002
Les Affaires, p. 18
Market solutions are not one-size-fits-all.
12 October 2002October 12, 2002
Les Affaires, p. 10
Minister Joseph Facal wants to modify Parti québécois' philosophy with input from Public Choice theory.
14 September 2002September 14, 2002
Les Affaires, p. 8
How capital markets are crucial for economic development.
3 August 2002August 3, 2002
Les Affaires, p. 8
State planification vs. the free market.
20 July 2002July 20, 2002
Les Affaires, p. 10
The side effects of government intervention aimed at
15 June 2002June 15, 2002
Les Affaires, p. 10
The decline of Sweden’s economy is a remarkable illustration of how the welfare state harms wealth creation.
1 June 2002June 1, 2002
Les Affaires, p. 12
The MEI launches a booklet of texts by Frédéric Bastiat.
18 May 2002May 18, 2002
Booklet of texts (in French) by Frédéric Bastiat

Bastiat wrote a series of texts that use biting irony to attack the economic sophistry in vogue in his country toward the middle of the 19th century. Unfortunately, this same sophistry continues to feed public policy debate even today!

1 May 2002May 1, 2002
Montréal Inc., p. 64
Bob McTeer of the Dallas Fed sees the future of the U.S. economy with optimism.
1 May 2002May 1, 2002
Montreal Business Magazine, p. 64
Bob McTeer of the Dallas Fed sees the future of the U.S. economy with optimism.
1 May 2002May 1, 2002
Les Affaires, p. 10
Prices constantly go down in a market economy.
20 April 2002April 20, 2002


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