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Health and Education: Spending Has Continued to Grow
Viewpoint showing that the problem with health care and education is not the lack of resources
In November 2017, Quebec announced a $1.1-billion personal income tax reduction. Some argued then that the reason the government could afford to reduce the tax burden was that it had reduced spending on health and education, and that these sectors had been starved by years of successive cuts. However, both health care spending and education spending have increased considerably in recent years.
7 February 2018February 7, 2018

Quebec Is Still a Corporate Subsidy Champion
Viewpoint examining the disproportionate use of subsidies by the Quebec government
Even though corporate subsidies have often been criticized for their undesirable economic effects and for discriminating in favour of certain sectors or companies, they continue to be very present in the Quebec economy. Quebec pays out twice as much in corporate subsidies as Ontario, proportional to the size of its economy. This policy does not make Quebecers richer.
18 January 2018January 18, 2018


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